PMUK Facebook Group Rules

Punky Moms PMUK Facebook Group

Many of us have relationships that extend beyond the internet. We hope you all will be long standing members of our community and we are very happy to have you here.

We have lots of meetups going on. Check them out here Please don’t invite non-punkys without asking your local group if they are ok with it

We have other subgroups you are welcome to join, a lot of us are on Instagram or Snapchat, you can see all those mega lists here

Be sure to add your location to our image location map 

If you’ve got your own business, add it to our directory! We love supporting other mums – we have a promo thread every Sunday where you are welcome to share more on. You are also welcome to sell on our Selling subgroup.

I promise that I will do my best
To love my kid
To raise them well and without judgement
To love other mothers
And keep the Punky moms law

  • By coming into this safe space, you agree to not be a bastard and respect people’s privacy. Taking screenshots of conversations in this group and reposting them elsewhere is a bannable offense…as is talking shit about Punky Moms or a member elsewhere. We don’t tolerate it at all.
  • We do our very best to keep this a safe place for you, but please be aware of the personal information you share here.
  • If you use a screenshot from somewhere else, please make sure other people’s names are blacked out. This group tries to promote women and mothers everywhere and posts that slag off on celebrities or everyday parents will be deleted. There are lots of other places on the internet to do that.
  • IF YOU POST ABOUT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING, PLEASE USE A TRIGGER WARNING (AND MENTION WHAT THE TRIGGER WARNING IS FOR): Death/miscarriage/stillborn/suicide/Abuse/child abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, verbal) Traumatic CPS experiences (children being take away) Pictures blood/injuries (images or links to articles/videos should be posted AS A COMMENT) Trauma (physical, emotional, birth related, etc)
  • If you have a problem with people of a certain race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, then you either need to keep it to yourself or get the hell out of our community. Hatred and bigotry will get you banned. Most of us are here are die hard liberal feminists who swear a lot. If you are easily offended by sex talk or women’s rights, this may not be the group for you.
  • Bullying people is also a bannable offense. Don’t do it. This means no passive aggressive bullying as well. (i.e. no passive aggressive snarkiness). If you have an issue with another member or feel unsafe, please contact a moderator.
  • The Punky Moms User Agreement is not up for discussion, debate or challenge. Policies and official Administrator actions are not up for debate, discussion or challenge. If you feel that someone is in violation of our policies, user agreement, or is in any way a threat to the safety of the community, please address your concerns to an Admin immediately.
  • This FB group is NOT for public advertising. Every Sunday we have a “Support Your Local Mama Gang” thread where you can share about your business. Spam will be deleted and you will be banned. Do not send unsolicited PMs or emails to our members advertising your wares or your own facebook group– this is grounds for dismissal. Please use common sense. You can absolutely respond to a direct product question (ex. – Where can I find the best nappy rash creme ever? My kids ass is on fire 🙁 ) with a link to your product, your friends product, a recipe you’ve blogged, etc… You cannot post a fresh post of “I make the best fucking nappy rash creme ever, go buy it now!” if it’s not in the Sunday promo threads.”?
  • If you decide this group is not for you or if you decide you need a break, please do not post a goodbye post. Go on and do your thing and we wish you luck.
  • Every so often we will go through our member list and do a little cleaning. We only will be removing members who have not commented or engaged within the community in over 3 months. If you feel you have been removed in error, please contact an modmin so we can remedy that.

To join the group, please fill out the form and request to join here.

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