It Wasn’t Just A Phase Black Tote Bag


A brilliant shopper bag to have!


It wasn’t Just A Phase Mum…

This is adulthood and this is how we look and how we will continue to look. The kids that sported the mohawks and tattoos or wore black lipstick and Victorian dresses are all grown up now and having children of their own. Our children are the ones sporting the black onesies with skulls, and we are the parents who have chosen to raise our families outside of the box.

These lightweight black totes are big enough to fit vinyl records in! Image is printed on one side.

The design is heat pressed on by a local Yorkshire Punky Grandmum.

The Tote bags are made from 100% cotton (140gsm) with 10 litre capacity.

Bag size (excluding handles) 38 x 42cm.

Save the environment!

Please note that the bags are not necessarily in stock and are made to order, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Chances are you will get this sooner. This bag pictured is a mock up image (until we get more badass babes in them!). We have tried our best to replicate them as much as we can. Any questions, let me know.

Additional information

Weight 101 g


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