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This listing is for entry into the Secret Punky Moms Post Group on Facebook. You must be a member of our Punky Moms UK Facebook group to be a member in this subgroup. We conduct gift swaps year round in this group. It is a wonderful chance to learn more about your fellow members and send and receive gifts with the group.

Once you have paid for this listing, please contact a modmin in the PMUK group and they will add you to the group.

All funds from this listing will go to the Mama in Need fund.



Do you think you’re hardcore enough to run a gift swap? Here are the ground rules.

PM an Admin/mod first. Let’s make sure it isn’t a swap we have planned, that we aren’t already in the middle of too many other swaps, and that the general idea/spirit of the swap is acceptable. Don’t worry, it probably is.

After you talk to us and we say ok, you’re going to want to create a post here with your idea. Make the subject what kind of swap it is, and in the post tell us more details about the swap. Tell us what the price limit is, and remember to mention that the £ amount does not include shipping. We have to have a price (not a minimum, although some treat it as such) so that if person A sends £20 worth of stuff, person A wont only get £5 worth back. It just wouldn’t be fair. Everyone should expect at least X amount back, and to send X amount. If you send more, that is your choice, and if you get more, hey, bonus!

See how many people are interested. Leave your idea up for about a week. If it’s popular (I don’t have a number here, sometimes you might wind up with two people swapping, sometimes 50) then post AN EVENT and have your sign up dates and when it is ending. Those that rsvp YES are participating!

Please remember you have to run a swap you start, by our swap rules. If there is a major problem one of the mods or admin will step in, but we’ve put rules in place to swaps will mainly run themselves. Read our swap rules. All swaps must follow them. Remind your swappers they must get signed for confirmation so there is a tracking number. Post your swap list publicly on the event page.

Punky Moms is only running three secret swaps per year now, Mother’s Day, Halloween & Christmas.

Some examples the Punky Moms forum has done over the past 15 years. Junk drawer, Valentine’s Sweethearts, Green Save The World Swap, April Fools (gag gifts) Swap, Fuzzy Sock Swaps, Knickers Swap (NEW ONES LADIES), Ornament Swaps, Art Swap, Hats, Yarn, Recipes, Crafts, etc etc

This group will be secret and all NEW members must pay the £1 Mama Fund entry to [email protected]

If you leave Punky Moms you will be removed from the group and will have to pay the £1 again.

Any questions, let us know!!!


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