The Sisterhood Of Motherhood PMUK Keychain

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Boob Harness *nod*

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The Sisterhood Of Motherhood! A beautiful PMUK keychain created by Leanne Natalia. Boob Harness, Aubergines and everything PMUK in between!

A Punky Mom is a badass babe who also happens to be kicking motherhood in the ass! We don’t subscribe to one parenting style, one political belief or even one type of person, we just believe in empowerment, discussion without judgement and raising each other up instead of bringing each other down.


Keychains measure 7.5×5.5 cm and are colorfully printed by Leanne. Please check out Leanne Natalia’s Facebook page and be a doll and give it a like too!

Perfect gift for your fellow Punky. There is also the colouring sheet on offer if you want to colour yourself.

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