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Riotmthrrr Mustard & Navy Pouch (Autumn)

Riotmthrrr Mustard & Navy Pouch (Autumn)

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Loving ourselves can start a revolution. Self Care Ain’t Selfish.

There isn't one of us who doesn't sometimes need a kind word to lift us up when we're down. Self care isn't about taking time off, indulging yourself, 'being selfish'. It's about recharging your physical and mental energy.

Yep a freaking cool ass pouch to put your special stuff in! Can be used as a clutch, perfect to fit your mobile and the bare essentials. A nappy and some wipes, yep. Bag measures 29x19 cm (11.5 x 7.5 inches) and is made from 100% grey cotton canvas. So c'mon badass babe. Show the world that you are worth it. We’ve learned our voices are still needed. And we’ve learned that only when we take care of ourselves, can our voices not be quieted; our bodies not tired.

We have learned that only by radically taking care of ourselves will we have the strength to teach our children to resist an imperialist white supremacist patriarchal culture. We’ve learned we can raise the future to create change and affect good. Punky Moms was brought to life in April 2002 as a meeting place for alternative parents to find like-minded friends and neighbors.

Today so many years later, we are still achieving that goal! Punky Moms never subscribe to one parenting style, one political belief or even one type of person, we just believe in empowerment, discussion without judgement and raising each other up instead of bringing each other down.

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